Asleep in the Valley (Model Answer)

“  In his side there are two red holes”    who has been raftered to here as ‘his’ ?  What do the red holes indicate? What is the irony of the line   / what does the line suggest?                                                                                                                                    OR                                                             [1+2+3] 

How does the picture of the soldier describe the tragedy of war?

`                                                                                      OR

How the anti-war attitude of the poet is expressed in the poem asleep in the volley?


               What does the poet want to show at the end of the poem?

Ans. In the poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’ (Le Dormeur du Val) by Aurther, Rimbaud the pronoun ‘his’ in the line is referred to a  young soldier lying in a small valley.

  • The two red holes indicate two wounds caused by a bullet. It suggests that the soldier is in his eternal sleep. He has been shot in the bottle field to dead.
  • The French poet Arthur Rimbaud in the poem ‘ Asleep   In the volley ‘ presents a horrible picture of warfare by using some images. Being a soldier the poet had firsthand experience of the grim reality of war. The poem opens with a beautiful description of a small green valley. A soldier appears to be sleeping in the lap of nature. His innocent nature is shown by his smile which is like an infant’s- gentle, without guile. His open-mouthed indicates his deep sleep. Nature provides him the pillow made of fern. But in the end the reader gets a sudden shock as his body has two bullet wounds. He is not sleeping but is killed. He is the casualty of modern warfare everything of the valley represents life and growth but the soldier is pale and dead It highlights the brutality of war. It reminds us of the words of Wilfred Owen:

“ The pity of war, pity war distilled”.

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