Jimmy Valentine (Short Question Answer)


1. Who wrote the story Jimmy Valentine?

Ans. William Sydney Porter, better known as O’ Henry wrote the story Jimmy Valentine.

2. What is the original title of the story?

Ans. ‘A Retrieved Reformation’ is the another/original title of the story Jimmy Valentine.

3. Who was Jimmy Valentine?

Ans. Jimmy Valentine was a safe burglar.

4. Why was Jimmy put in to jail? 

Ans. Jimmy was put in to jail for Springfield safe burglary.

5. How long Jimmy was in jail?

Ans. Jimmy was in jail for ten months in his four years sentence.

6. Who gave the pardon to Jimmy?

Ans. Jimmy was pardoned and signed for release by the Governor.  

7. How long did Jimmy expect to be in jail?

Ans. Jimmy expected to be in jail only for three months at the longest.

8. What did the warden advice to Jimmy?

Ans. The warden advised Jimmy not to crack a safe anymore and to live a straight life.

9. What was the number of Jimmy as recorded in the jail’s register?

Ans.  Jimmy was recorded as 9762 in the jail.

10. What was written beside 9762 on the register book in jail?

Ans. ‘’Pardoned by Governor” was written in the book where Jimmy was chronicled as 9762.

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