Model Project Class-XII

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But more wonders are there for him. ‘The streams of little children are entering through a big hole on the wall. They are filling his garden flowers and leaves. Serang comes down. The children get afraid, and begin to run. But he stops them. Turns to them lovingly and tells them softly. “This garden is for you. You are the real flowers of this garden. Play here as you like and let me play with you.”

 A little child; with white flowers all Over him advances and says, “‘You are really good, my friend”. Serang tries to talk but the child vanishes. Tears roll on. Serang does no more go elsewhere. He remains in his palace and participates in the children’s play. He searches for that little child, but sees him no more. He asked the children about the little boy. But no one can tell anything about the boy.

 The old and infirm Serang now watches and admires the play of the little children, sitting in a big arm-chair. One evening as he is watching the play, he sees that little child near a small tree of white flowers.  He seems to beacon him. Serang anyhow, reaches the child : He finds with shock and sorrow some mark wounds, on his little  leg and hands.He calls out loudly, “Who has dared to wound thee? “ The child smilingly replies, “These are the wounds of love.”

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