The Eyes Have It (Model Answer)

  1. “Yes this is the best time”

                Who said this and to whom?

                Which time is the best time and for which?

                Why is this the best time?

Or, “How lucky you are”

                Who and why was lucky?

                Narrate the scenic beauty of Mussoorie.

Or, “She was silent”

                Who was silent?

                Why she was silent?

Or, Briefly describe the conversion of the narrator and the girl about the hills in Mussoorie.

 Ans. In the short story “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond the narrator said the above line to the girl who was his co-passenger in the train.

October is the best time for visiting Mussoorie.

While talking to the girl co-passenger, the narrator told that he was going Dehra and then to Mussoorie. The Girl told the narrator to be lucky and also added that she liked hills, specially in october. The narrator also said that Octoberis the best time calling on his memories. He gave a beautiful description of the scenic beauty of Mussoorie. He told that the hills are covered with wild Dalhias. The sun is delicious to feel. At night one can enjoy sitting in front of a log fire and drinking a little brandy. In October the hills are not crowded as most of the tourists have gone. The roads are quiet and almost deserted. The girl was spell bound at this description of her fairy land and remained silent.

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